StartupinIndia has inspired, educated and consistently attracted entrepreneurs and small business owners from  Street and made them their own bosses  to live the Dream.

For over a decade, Startupinindia has been a premiere source of information and resources for small business owners looking to start or grow their business.  As we grow, we continue to develop content with four main principles in mind:

  1. Practicality.  Startupinindia content must be highly valuable, useful, and practical and must be presented in a manner that is efficient and concise for visitors to consume and put into practice.
  2. Quality Sources.  Startupinindia content must be inspired by entrepreneurs who live and breathe the same real world challenges that all entrepreneurs face, not only from journalists who, while with all good intention, just can’t provide the same level of in-the-trenches know-how that a fellow entrepreneur can.
  3. Community.  We have a vibrant community of business owners and entrepreneurs on our website who happily share advice, offer counsel, stimulate debate and offer inspiration because often the best resource is someone who has been there before and has a desire to “pay it forward” to fellow community members.
  4. Action.  The biggest challenge in creating a business is translating your ideas into tangible results and reading static articles on a screen can only get you part of the way there.  Because few people learn to swim by reading a book, we have added a premium membership option for Entrepreneurs who need more hands-on help mastering the “how-to” of business. Premium membership includes coaching and more robust how-to content with the dual purposes of being informative, practical and tactical… tools you can use to help ensure your long-term success.

We believe in the informative power of entrepreneurship for individuals and for society at large, and we want our reach to be as deep and as broad as it can possibly be.We sincerely thank you for visiting us and look forward to being your partner in conquering the challenges of entrepreneurship.



Privilege the entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs excite us more than ideas. Our partners and clients bring strong domain expertise and business lessons from previous entrepreneurial/ intrapreneurial journeys. We learn continuously from them, even as we co-create their business models.

Match passion with process
We match the entrepreneur’s energy and passion with process, plans and the discipline for executing ideas. For us, execution, not ideas, is game changing.

Stay Active, stay in the field
We work with our investees in their fields. We immerse in the markets of the models we shape. By being in the field, we get a 360 degree view of the eco-system of the ventures we create. This enables us to predict volatilities. We therefore launch ventures that are true to the DNA of our partners and the needs of the markets they serve.

Iterate to succeed
We coach our investees to listen to customers, re-iterate assumptions and stay focused on metrics. We constantly adapt business plans to keep them real and sharp. Our questioning of assumptions and reality checks at every turn minimizes trial and error. This ensures that ventures launch with a higher degree of success.

Get the chemistry right
We succeed more with entrepreneurs who are listeners, learners and collaborators. We work with social entrepreneurs who actively seek feedback and are open to applying them in their ventures.

Cross pollinate
We pollinate learnings and connections between early-stage ventures (that we launch) and mature-stage models (that we accelerate). This opens up rich collaborations between the two. Our investees and clients constantly feed new information, networks and linkages into our own eco-system. This growing viral enables us to become better linkers and connectors for social entrepreneurs.

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